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March 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dear friends,

Four days ago I packed all my things into a pickup truck and drove to Maine. I have been thinking about starting this little blog in the midst of all this transition, because I live in Maine now and a blog is one more way to be connected to you.

I have been planning this move for so long, and now that I’m here it doesn’t completely feel real, except for a moment here and there when it does. My last month in Philly was filled with sparkly, bitterweet tenderness. It is so strange to leave a place, especially a place that is so beloved. I had tiny, two-person dinner parties every night before I left. A lot of the time I can’t believe how lucky I am.

And my family is amazing. We are all moving into a new house together, right in town, my mom (Annie), my brother (Daniel), and I. It’s been a whirlwind of unpacking, running errands, arranging things, building shelves, and moving furniture, with some tea drinking and family dinners in between. I’m a little bit intense about nesting – it is hard to really do or think about anything else until my living space is tidy and organized. Since I don’t have enough shelves, that has mostly meant moving boxes around, sorting and reconfiguring and trying to arrange them into some sort of order.

But last night my brother dragged me out of the house and took me out to dinner. We sat in a booth in the back and talked about all of our family dynamics. I tried to order a beer from the brewing company next door, but I don’t know anything about beer so instead I got five tiny glasses of five different kinds of beer and took notes in my notebook so I could remember which ones I liked. We walked home afterward, through downtown. This town is dark and quiet at 9pm, which is strange and amazing and completely in tune with my natural rhythms. And, from the middle of downtown, you can see the stars.

When we were almost home, I wasn’t sure what street we were on and Daniel pointed and said, “That’s our house, right up there,” and I said, “That’s our house?” because it is so new that I can’t recognize it in the dark yet, and he nudged me and said, “Yep. We live there.” I could see our shadows on the road by the light coming from the windows, and when we opened the door the dog barked and Annie walked down the stairs and it did feel like we were home.

[photo by Annie]

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