Dog hair fairies

April 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

Last night my Mom and her partner Margaret went to a friend’s 50th birthday party and I stayed home to read, and then around 9pm I got a call from them telling me I better come because the dancing was getting really good. The party was at this art center a few blocks from our house, and by the time I got there things were starting to wind down but my mom was single-handedly keeping the party alive by getting down to “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer Sisters with a small group of charming lesbians and Unitarian Universalists. I danced with them for half an hour or so, and then I was like, Ok, time for bed, and my mom was like, Time to keep this party GOING! She went out to the bar til late with the the party stragglers, and I went home and fell asleep because even in comparison to my 65-year-old mother I am a homebody nerd. Look how awesome they are:

Also while I was at the art center I saw this exhibit of tiny fairies made of things like tin foil and dog hair and clothespins by an artist who is four years old!

My favorite one is the key with pants!

§ 2 Responses to Dog hair fairies

  • lydia says:

    Zozo! Reading this post made me miss you so and wish I was with you at the special place of dancing uus and lesbians with the most amazing art on the walls. maine sounds amazing ❤

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