Full moon

December 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

My bedroom has these two amazing skylights, and before I moved here I imagined that I would be able to see the moon from my bed. I thought a lot about it, how great it would be to be able to look at the night sky every night before falling asleep, but somehow it didn’t work out that way. There were trees in the way, the moon never seemed to be right over my window, and also I wear glasses and without them even the most amazing star-laden full moon velvety night sky looks like just a blur.

But last night around midnight when I turned off my light, my room was still bright like someone was shining a floodlight in my window from across the street. And I looked up and it really was the moon, through my skylight, directly above my bed. When I put my glasses on I could see everything I was imagining I’d be able to see before I moved here – full disc of the moon, wispy clouds floating past, bare winter branches against the sky which was so textured and deep and just…shiny. Nothing that you can see in a picture, but still:

I kept my glasses on and watched the moon and the clouds from the dark of my bed until I got too sleepy to keep my eyes open anymore. There was a lunar eclipse last night/this morning, that I heard all about from Jess who watched it at 4am on the beach in California. It was too late in the morning on the east coast to see the eclipse, but I guess this is what we got instead, this floodlight moon.

Earlier in the evening, Becca came over and we made salves from herbs she grew – comfrey and st. john’s wort and cayenne and ginger – with essential oils and vitamin e and this hunk of beeswax she hauled over that was the size of a sheet cake. The colors were so beautiful in the herb-infused oils, like pouring blood or liquid stained glass into the double boiler.

There are things to do and notice that help people through the winter here, that I think will help me. Everyone here makes things, food and salve and tinctures and houses and clothes, butcher their own pigs, grow their own grains…it’s so different than winter in the city, here with the woodstoves and the animals and trees being tapped and the stars you can actually see clearly at night. I like watching the seasons change, and I don’t feel scared of winter anymore.

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